Mid-term evaluation training in Sarajevo

The mid-term evaluation training for the EVS volunteers from Western Balkans took place in the last week of April in Sarajevo. This meeting was dedicated to people who are in the middle of their projects. Together we had an opportunity to summarize our so far activities.


Nine volunteers working in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia arrived in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of us were working for three days on exercises prepared by our trainers. At the beginning we thought over what we have learnt in our projects so far and how much we are satisfied from our activities. The most common answers were: learning of  a local language, meeting new culture and working in an international environment. Then, participants evaluated their learning process which is very important in the EVS.

All volunteers have spent at least half of total time of time at projects. Therefore, planning of last weeks of a stay was very essential. Our main goals at this period is improving our so far activities and match them to the summertime while students finish school. Moreover, we want to continue ecoproject and prepare a city game which will help in a touristic development in Kukes.

A very important part of the training was familiarize ourselves with opportunities after the EVS and how we can use skills in a future job. After voluntary we can follow one of three paths: stay in Albania, apply for other youth exchange program or look for a job in a hosting country or others. Remaining in Albania is a curious idea, however very difficult because of many problems that people have to face. Unemployment and low salaries are one of the main reasons of the Albanians emigration. In this case future for foreigners is not sure. European Union provides a lot of occasions of international exchanges for the youth – from periodic trainings to graduate internships program. The most likely option for us after the EVS is a job in Poland. Skills and intercultural experience will help us with sure in founding our dream work.

A large advantage of the mid-term evaluation training was possibility to meet new volunteers and see our friends from on-arrival training again. A few days in Sarajevo gave us time to summarize our activities, exchange ideas and think about future. Our trainers motivated us for action and resolved our doubts. All exercises were conducted with usage of non-education methods. Consequently, we had the opportunity to learn new games which we can use later in our Balkan communities.




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